Cardioprotective Effects in Methanolic Extract of Evolvulus Alsinoides Linn on Isoproterenol - Induced Myocardial Infarction in Albino Rats

Sudhakumari, A. Kumar H.V, Aamir Javed, Manish Jaiswal3, Muralidhar .S. Talkad


The present study was performed to investigate Evolvulus alsinoides. Linn a natural herb, would attenuate the acute myocardial infarction in isoproterenol [ISP]-treated rat model maintaining cardiac function and activities of endogenous antioxidant enzymes. Heart tissue enzyme analysis in albino male rats, such as LPO, GSH, GPX, GST, SOD, CAT, CK-MB, MDA and biochemical analysis in serum plasma viz., ALT, AST, LDH, and CPK were performed. Methanolic extract of Evolvulus alsinoides [EA] at the dose of [100 & 200 mg/kg/p.o] showed significant cytoprotection in the heart from isoproterenol induced myocardial ischemic injury. The results indicate that Evolvulus alsinoides [EA] administration causes myocardial adaptation by augmenting endogenous antioxidants and protects rat hearts from oxidative stress associated with ISP induced myocardial injury, and justify its potential therapeutic value in the treatment of ischemic heart diseases in albino rats.

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International Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy (IJBMSP): ISSN: 2049-4963