Emerging trend in antibiotic resistance: Global views by Health Care Professionals

Faisal Raza, Hajra Zafar, Liang Ge, Naseem ullah, Asim ur rehman, Abrar Ahmad, Muhammad usman, Muhammad sohail, Owais Ahmad, Waqas Nawaz


To highlight the understanding, knowledge and perceptions of health care professional towards antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance Mechanism. A search was performed on using literature and different articles from June-October 2015 to identify the studies already published on the view of antibiotics usage and resistance worldwide. It involved students of Medicine and pharm-D, Doctors, Nursing professional, general population and their knowledge, attitude towards practicing antibiotics. Sixteen studies were identified that included three from India, two from Portugal and one each from China, Malaysia, Jordan, Nigeria, France, UK, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Boston and one in several Southeast Asian Countries. Majority of the individual’s response varied widely. Most of them want quick cure rather than considering specifications. General public also showed less than average response to the use of antibiotics. The knowledge of Resistance on the part on all health care professionals was less than adequate. As per our search and studies it is concluded that anti-bacterial are the most widely used medicine across the world. Although our physicians, students of pharmacy, students of medicine, students of nursing and general public have adequate understanding regarding the use of antibiotic for bacterial diseases but it is found in most countries that due to less standard education in health care profession and unawareness in general population. The problem of antibiotic resistance has increased and it is the responsibility of Government, Educational institute and Pharmaceutical industry to take a more innovative step towards the development of newer and better anti-bacterial with safer results.

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International Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy (IJBMSP): ISSN: 2049-4963