Serum calcium and magnesium in patients with Essential hypertension and their first degree relatives

Booloo Sharma Devajit Sarmah


Hypertension mostly essential is a major cardiovascular problem across the globe. Electrolytes like calcium and magnesium are linked with the pathophysiology of essential hypertension by various studies. Although a handful of studies are conducted worldwide including India, drawing their causative association with hypertension; but such a study was never conducted among the population of the north-east India. So, with this aim the pioneering study to verify the association of serum calcium and magnesium in essential hypertensives and their first degree relatives was conducted among 345 subjects of north east India. The study vividly draws significant results statistically (p<0.001), with serum calcium and magnesium levels being low in hypertensives when compared with normal subjects. The study also hints towards a genetic predisposition of hypertension; serum calcium levels were significantly low (p<0.001) among the first degree relatives of hypertensive patients, though serum magnesium did not show any such correlation. This study thus opens new avenue for the prevention as well as management of essential hypertension.

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International Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy (IJBMSP): ISSN: 2049-4963