Phytochemical screening, antimicrobial and cytotoxic activity of different fractions of Sesbania sesban bark

Arif Ahmed,Md. Sariful Islam Howlader, Shubhra Kanti Dey, Arpona Hira, Md. Hemayet Hossain


In Bangladesh, the tree Sesbania sesban (L) Merr. is used as the traditional medicine for the treatment of a number of ailments. The present study has been undertaken for antimicrobial activity of the ethanol, ether (diethyl ether) and chloroform extracts of S. sesban bark. Antimicrobial activity has been investigated against five Gram-positive bacteria, nine Gram-negative bacteria and seven fungi by disc diffusion and broth macro-dilution assay. The zone of inhibition has been observed with almost all bacteria and fungi with some exceptions. Minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) of these extracts were found to be significant. In brine shrimp lethality bioassay test, the LC50 values of ethanol, ether and chloroform extracts of bark of S. sesban were found to be 1280, 640 and 320 μg/ml, respectively. Findings of the study justify the use of the plant in traditional medicine and suggests for further investigation.

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International Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy (IJBMSP): ISSN: 2049-4963