Identification of Staphylococcus aureus in Pus samples and its Anti-microbial Susceptibility against Imipenem, Tobramycin and Linezolid

Farzana Yasmeen Muhammad Imran Sarwar, Abdul Hakeem Sikandar Khan Sherwani, Muhammad Shahbaz Hussain, Mubarak Zeb, Irfan Sarwar and Mumham


Staphyloccocus. aureus is a significant human pathogen and causes wound infection and also infection of soft tissue. Staph.aureus is leading causing hospital acquired infection. The study was to determine the frequency of Staph.aureus in different ward of Sheikh Zayed Hospital Rahim Yar khan. To find the prevalence of Staph.aureus in operated and non-operated patients. Also the determination of Staph.aureus resistance against Imipenem,Tobramycin and Linezolid. This study was conducted in Microbiology Department Sheikh Zayed Hospital Rahim Yar Khan from Janurary to March. 50 different samples of patients are included in this study. Staph.aureus was isolated by culture, Gram staining and biochemical test catalase and coagulase. 50 samples were collected in which 64% is operated and36% are non-operated. In this study Staph aureus resistance against Imipenem,Tobramycin and Linezolid is 14%,42% and 10% respectively. Staph.aureus infections are more common in surgically operated patients. This is due to lack of proper sterilization and poor hygiene problem. Staph.aureus resistance against against Imipenem and Tobramycin is high due to poor intake of antibiotics

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International Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy (IJBMSP): ISSN: 2049-4963