Analyzing The Perception Level Of General Public & Other Health Care Professionals About The Pharmacist & Its Role In The Community Of Abbottabad & Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Inamullah khan, Najm ul Hassan Khan, Momina Nadeem, Kishwar Sultana, Ossam chohan


The poor medication compliance and less therapeutic outcomes are just because of lack of awareness about Pharmacist in general public: who can provide the best possible information about the safe use of medication; & because of the lack of communication between Pharmacist & other health care professionals about patients. To study the awareness level about the Pharmacist in community of Abbottabad & Rawalpindi, and investigating the reasons for the communication gaps between the Pharmacist, Other Health Care Professionals and Patients. The data was collected through two questionnaires: Questionnaire#1 for general population and Questionnaire#2 for medical professionals respectively. The participants (general population and medical professionals) were selected from Abbottabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan & the data was analyzed by using SPSS.V. 19. The public was ready to accept the pharmacist as health care professional and was expecting more services rather than the mere filling of prescriptions. The health care professionals not just responded optimistically but urged to see the pharmacist to provide the clinical services. There is a need of this kind of research not only to investigate the real problem facing by the public in health care setup but to eradicate the reasons of communication gap between pharmacists, patients and other health care professionals

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International Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy (IJBMSP): ISSN: 2049-4963