To study and compare source of drug information used by doctors (GPs & specialist), pharmacist and nurses in government & private tertiary care hospitals in Islamabad

Tashfeen Akhtar, Azhar Hussain, Shefaat Ullah Shah, Raja Zafar Ishaque, and Asif Iqbal


The aim of the study was to assess the sources of information/ knowledge used by health care professionals
(doctor, pharmacist and nurses). In this study a cross sectional comparative study was conducted in four hospitals (two from
public & two from private sector) of Islamabad Pakistan. The study was conducted during the period of March to May 2009.
The tool (structure questionnaire form) was design for collection of qualitative and quantitative data. The total sample size was
150, out of which 50 from Doctor, 50 from Pharmacist and 50 from nurses of government and private hospital of Islamabad.
After the completion of data, it was analyzed by making variables in Statistical Package for Social sciences (SPSS) Version 16.
Then data was entered by coding or making themes for different questions in above mentioned software. Almost 67 variables
were made according to make coding & themes of questions of tool. We selected codes yes=1 & no=2. After the completion of
data entry, frequencies & percentages were run. Bar charts were made on the Microsoft Excel according to results of SPSS

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