Acute toxicity study and effect of Teucrium stocksianum boiss on blood glucose level and weight of glucose treated mice

Alamgeer, Muhammad Rashid, Muhammad Nasir Hayat Malik Taseer Ahmad, Abdul Qayyum Khan, Ibrahim Javid


Teucrium stocksianum boiss has been traditionally used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. The current study was designed to evaluate the hypoglycemic activity of ethyl acetate extract of Teucrium stocksianum boiss in glucose-fed mice for 30 days. Oral administration of 500 mg/kg body weight of ethyl acetate extract significantly (P< 0.001) decreased the blood glucose level of 10% glucose-fed mice in comparison to control group. Ethyl acetate extract significantly increased body weight (P<0.05), heart (P<0.001), kidney (P<0.001), pancreas (P<0.05) and liver (P<0.01) weight in glucose-fed treated mice as compared to diabetic group. The median lethal dose (LD50) was estimated through intraperitoneal (i.p) administration of the ethyl acetate extract in mice and was found to be 3250 mg/kg.

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International Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy (IJBMSP): ISSN: 2049-4963